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School Crest

School Crest


Our school logo incorporates both the traditional and the modern. It consists of the traditional shield to depict our school as one with a history. On the right of the shield is the name of the school in contemporary font. This signifies our school as one that is forward looking and innovative with a desire to prepare our pupils for the future. Our school aims to be the choice school of the new millenium.

5-Star Pupils

The 5 golden stars represent the holistic development of our pupils in the:

  • Academic aspect
  • Physical Education/ CCA aspect
  • Moral aspect
  • Social aspect
  • Aesthetics aspect

Team Arrow

Stars are embeded in a white arrow pointing towards the golden lion. The arrow symbolises our staff, pupils, parents and the community working together as a team in achieving the five-fold development of our pupils towards our vision, as symbolised by the golden lion.

Golden Lion

The golden lion symbolises our school vision of “A” Learning Institute of Distinction”, as we work together as a team, as symbolised by the white arrow, to develop our pupils to the fullest. The lion has his right arm raised, signifying our dare to ask, learn and innovate.

Red Shield

Red, being a symbol of passion, describes the attitude in which all of us work and nurture our pupils to have:

  • A Passion for Learning
  • A Passion for our Country
  • A Compassion for Humanity

Banner Of School Motto

The golden banner with the school motto “NOBILITY, HONOUR, EXCELLENCE” symbolizes the values that we instil in our pupils in thoughts, words and deeds.


1966 marks the year our school was established.

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